Here we are at the end of the summer season and I have compiled, in my opinion, the monthly roundup of the best articles in the SEO and internet marketing niche for the month of August 2016.


205 Google Ranking Factors – The Ultimate SEO Checklist” –Debashre Cchanda, My Tasker blog.

If you want to know how websites rank in Google, you definitely should be aware of all important Google ranking factors. In this ultimate SEO checklist you can find 205 ranking factors.

They are structured into the following categories:

  • Dominated by the Domain
  • On-page Optimisation
  • Site Level Factors (Get your site ranking)
  • Backlink to Boost SEO Ranking
  • Google User Interaction Factors
  • The Algorithm Rules You Need to Know
  • Social Media Signals
  • The Big Brand Names – A Relevancy Signal
  • WebSpam Factors – On-site
  • Off-Page Web Spamming


+30 Latest SEO Techniques (Proven)” by Clay Smith on pcmate blog. I will not be talking too much about all 30 techniques listed. Here are just some of them:

  1. Do not focus so much on Google Keyword Planner
  2. Use Wikipedia as a keyword resource online
  3. Interact with your new audience on forums
  4. Use Youtube autocomplete
  5. Choose gold keywords ideas
  6. Another way to get keyword ideas from Google
  7. Choose trending keywords
  8. Do some magic with Semrush
  9. Grab your competitors’ keyword ideas
  10. Ask the people directly


A Different Kind of SEO: 5 Big Challenges One Niche Faces in Google” by Alexandra Tachalova on Moz blog.


#1. Online legal business are dominating local SERPs

#2. Google doesn’t give priority to local legal businesses in organic search results

#3. The local pack is still a saving grace for local businesses

#4. You can’t stand out without a site — even in local pack results

#5. There’s no correlation between a legal website’s ranking number one in a local pack and its number of reviews


A Complete Guide to Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird” by Jennifer Slegg on Search Engine Journal. All these algorithms can hurt your site. There are many quality posts online about each of these algorithms separately but I could not find good articles about all these algorithms: Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird in one place.

From this post you can find everything you need about Google’s largest and most well-known web spam algorithms.


How Adding Instagram Photos Boosted Checkouts by 24% [Case Study]” by Doug Baltman on yotpo blog. Social media is a very powerful channel today. From this case study by Doug you can learn how Instagram pictures on the product page helped to increase conversions by 24%.

The Results

The page that included customer photos outperformed the original and increased checkouts by 24%.

The checkout rate soared from 6.56% to 8.11% – which adds up to an additional $8,900 in sales for the $100 product over a 10-day period!


5 Must-Have Instagram Tools” by Matthew Toren on Entrepreneur. From the previous post by Doug you can understand how important Instagram is. So I will just list 5 must-have tools according to Matthew:

  1. Collect and amplify Instagram photos with Yotpo.
  2. Save time managing your social media with Buffer.
  3. Best Buddies tells you who likes your photos the most on Instagram.
  4. Find and analyse your followers with SocialRank.
  5. provides Instagram analytics.


The SEO Tools We Couldn’t Work Without” by John Doherty on Get Credo. This post contains a list of the most popular SEO tools and small description of their work:

  • Moz Pro
  • Screaming Frog Crawler and Log Analyzer
  • SEMrush
  • Majestic
  • Ayima’s Redirect Checker
  • Web Developer Toolbar
  • Linkclump

Find all SEO tools in the original post by John.


Seven innovative social media marketing tools you should be using” by Ann Smarty on Search Engine Watch. In this post Ann recommends to review the following innovative social media marketing tools:

  1. Yotpo Instagram Curation
  2. UpContent
  3. Introduce
  4. Wiserbots
  5. Linkedin career app
  6. BundlePost
  7. PhotoSync


Up Your Game with 14 Website Optimization Techniques” by Dori Harpaz on InCapsula blog.

For beginners

  • CDN
  • Protocol
  • Website performance features
  • Configuration topics
  • Stale content
  • Load balancing
  • File compression
  • System communication


For advanced learners

  • Domains
  • HTTP protocol
  • Forming connections
  • Advanced caching
  • Authentication
  • HTTP codes


We Looked At 137,052 Tweets & Found Out Hashtags Are Worthless” by Ryan McCready on Venngage blog. They looked at 137,052 accounts from which:

  • 9% were questionable
  • 5% were real
  • 6% were zero spam


5% of the 300m+ monthly users are spam.

15 monthly spam users spam tweet and like 1k times a month

14.95B false notifications are generated per month


My own opinion:

Personally for me, I think Twitter hashtags are useful. For example the #MarchesHour hashtag is trending every week and bring together people from the Marches area.


There you have, in my opinion, the best posts from the month of August 2016! I hope you enjoyed them and discovered some helpful information! Please share your comments below or contact me via this form or via my Twitter account. I welcome your thoughts.