Welcome to the winter edition, of what is now becoming a monthly roundup of what I consider to be some of the best SEO and internet marketing article.  Without much ado, here are some of the most exciting and informative articles I came across during the month of February 2017.


Interview with the Wizard of Moz: Rand Fishkin” by Sreelal G Pillai on techwyse. Founder of Moz Rand Fishkin is one of the most well-known person in internet marketing world. This is the latest interview with him. I will not be talking too much about it since you can find everything by clicking the link above.


What We Learned From Analyzing 1.4 Million Featured Snippets” by A.J. Ghergich on Moz blog. This study covered the following questions:

And here are the main findings:

  • The questions group as a whole is fantastic at earning featured snippets, especially paragraph snippets.
  • “How” (46.91%) and “Have” (17.71%) significantly outperformed the other questions when it came to earning lists.
  • “Which” (16.20%) was the top performer by a wide margin for earning tables.


Focus on These 4 Ranking Factors for SEO Success” by Aleh Barysevich on Search Engine Journal. I can’t say you will learn something new from this post. But Aleh points the most important SEO ranking factors:

  1. Content
  2. Backlinks
  3. Mobile-First User Experience
  4. Other Technical Factors


121 Free Podcasts that Will Make You a Successful Marketer” by Adithya Murali on techwyse. This is a very detail post with free podcats. I think author did a very good job and compiled a really great list.

All 121 podcasts you can listen from this post and no need to visit other sites. Each podcast has its own description.


Google Search Algorithm Update February 7th” by Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Journal. On February 7th was search algorithm update and many webmasters report about drop in rankings. Some people say that more spammy sites appeared in TOP10.

SERPs movements again in our vertical. We’re seeing some recoveries from previous penguin casualties and some domain crowding. Spam STILL having a huge positive impact.


What were Google’s biggest search algorithm updates of 2016?” by Rohan Ayyar on Search Engine Watch. In is infographic.

  • January 8 – core algo update
  • February 23 – adwords placement
  • May 10 – unconfirmed update
  • May 12 – mobile-friendly 2
  • September 1 – possum
  • September 23 – Penguin 4
  • November 10 – unconfirmed update


5 Advanced Blogging Tips to Get More Traffic, Emails and Revenue” by Robbie Richards on his own blog.

Blogging Tip #1: Keyword Research for Existing Content (+ Relaunch Formula)

Blogging Tip #2: Increase Subscriptions 709% with an Upside Down Homepage

Blogging Tip #3: Collect 4,876 Emails (5.62% Opt-in) with a Killer Welcome Offer

Blogging Tip #4: Get 101% More Email Opens (in Less than One Minute)

Blogging Tip #5: Monetize Your Email List on Autopilot with “Smart Links”


144 Catchy Email Subject Lines Guaranteed To Stand Out In A Crowded Inbox” by Danavir Sarria on copymonk. It is not a secret that good email subject lines can guarantee that your email will be read. According to the statistics more than 95% of emails have boring subject lines.

In this post you can see catchy email subject lines sorted by categories:

  • Benefit Emails
  • Controversial Emails
  • Authority Emails
  • Weird Emails
  • Pop Culture Emails
  • List Emails
  • Contrast Emails
  • Seasonal Emails
  • Historical Emails
  • TV Shows & Movies Emails
  • Phrases Emails
  • Enemy Emails


8 Marketing Automation Mistakes You Might be Making And What To Do About it” on inboundrocket. ¼ of all B2B companies are already using marketing automation. But at the same time some of them are making these mistakes:

#1 No clear defined strategy

#2 Using marketing automation as a glorified email marketing tool

#3 Selling instead of nurturing

#4 Not producing enough targeted content

#5 Tracking the wrong metrics

#6 No Process for Experimentation

#7 Running on autopilot

#8 Paying too much for automation software and underusing it


How to check Fake News using Majestic” by David Kenning on Majestic blog. It seems that more people today get their news from social media. At the same time there are many fake news and people do not want to spend their time checking this.

Majestic has analysed a BuzzFeed report “50 Of the Biggest Fake News Hits on Facebook From 2016” and showed how to check if this new is fake or not.


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