Did you know that each registered charity in Shropshire, Herefordshire, Powys and the rest of the Marches is eligible for Google Ad Grants?  Google Ad Grants gives registered charities a grant of $10,000, which in today’s exchange rate converts to just over £7,000.  Think of what your charity can achieve with additional £7,000 worth of advertisement exposure on Google’s advertisement platform: you could attract additional donations, recruit more volunteers, let more people know what your cause is and wider exposure to build your charity brand.


What are Google Ad Grants & How to Apply?

The Google Ad Grants programme is the internet giant’s way of helping charities in the Marches get their message across. For some reason, the grant is awarded in US dollars. Charities that apply successfully are awarded a $10,000 grant, which can only be spent on Google’s platform.

As grant applications go, Google Ad Grants is probably the easiest grant application you will ever make. Just as Google use their technology to make finding information on the Internet easy, applying for Google Ad Grants is very simple and straightforward. All your organisation needs to do is get verified as a registered charity through the Technology Trust, then proceed to the Google Ad Grants application page, and in less than 5 minutes, you Google Ad Grants application will be approved.

To apply for Google Ad Grants, you can visit Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits applications page, which can be found here. You could also go directly to Techsoup validation services, where you will obtain the validation reference code required by Google Ad Grants to approve your application.  #MarchesHour is happy to help your charity with any process of the application you need help with, just contact us with any question you may have.



Restrictions & prequalification for Google Ad Grants for Charities & Nonprofits

Google Ad Grants has some restriction and conditions a charity must meet to qualify. The main one is that a charity must be registered by the Charity Commission and have a charity number. The requirement sadly excludes the majority of small charities, who tend not to be registered with the charity commission.  The other restrictions are not likely to be a problem for Herefordshire, Shropshire or Worcester charities, because it is mainly an issue of equal opportunity. Google Ad Grants for Nonprofit does not encourage charities that are not for the benefit of the general public.


Google Ad Grants restrictions on PPC Ad Campaigns

  • A daily budget set to £210, which is equivalent to about £6,400 per month.
  • A maximum cost-per-click (CPC) limit of £1.3.
  • Only run keyword-targeted campaigns.
  • Only appear on Google search result pages.
  • Only run text ads.