#MarchesHour stats - 1.8 million impressions

#MarchesHour stats – 1.8 million impressions

I have not had time to update you on the #MarchesHour stats for the past couple of weeks. It’s partly due to the huge positive response to #MarchesHour since it was launched and partly due to other commitments. The stats for this weeks hour was the best ever so far, we achieved 1.8 million impressions. I think the number of impressions we achieved is not bad for a networking event that is less than 2 months old, and venturing into a crowded space.

For those of you who love stats, including what is trending and what is not, #MarchesHour was trending today. #MarchesHour was only second to Hereford on the twittersphere today. Our hashtag #MarchesHour was used almost 1,000 times, which is quite impressive.

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We are trendy in Herefordshire

We are trendy in Herefordshire

The point of #MarchesHour is not just to get your business noticed on twittersphere, but to give it more exposure on the internet. For that reason, you can also connect with #MarchesHour on Facebook via our Facebook page. We also have a grown directory, where you can suggest your business for inclusion; provided your business is in the Marches area of course.

Till Wednesday 2nd of March 2016
The next #MarchesHour is on Wednesday the 2nd of March 2016, we hope you can join us. You don’t need to wait till then to tweet us though. Please tweet us any day of the week.