#Marcheshour - Ask an expert about lead generation

#Marcheshour – Ask an expert about lead generation

We were lucky to have telemarketing expert Charlotte Greeman on today’s #Marcheshour. She fields questions about different aspects of telemarketing. The questions put to Ms Greenman ranged from cold calling to other ways of generating leads other than telemarketing. During the same #MarchesHour, she gave useful tips on many of the most effective lead generation techniques.
Being #Marcheshour, most of the questions were from businesses and charities from Shropshire and Herefordshire. Here are some of the questions put to Charlotte Greenman and here response to the questions:

Question from @ShelleyHoltLtd
Hi Charlotte, lead generation for us is through social media and networking what else could we try?
Answer from @_telemarketing_> Hi @ShelleyHoltLtd Telemarketing works well plus blogs/email to give hints/tips to show your expertise.
Question from @Temi_Odurinde>
Should charities cold call potential donors?
Answer from @_telemarketing > Yes I think charities should #coldcall It’s cheap and it’s very effective to speak to a lot of people…politely!
@TidesEvents> charities cold calling has been controversial lately.
@_telemarketing_> Many callers miss opportunities to build relationships. Focusing on selling rather than building relationships

Some sales and leads generation tips from Charlotte Greenman

  • Top 5 ways to generate leads that work now: #Telemarketing #Networking, #socialmedia, emails and webinars!
  • My next tip and freebie to help you with #leadgeneration #leadgen is to get on web directories to promote you 24/7 http://ow.ly/10lQQG
  • #leadgeneration #marcheshour Sell your products/services on online market places..here’s 25 of them to start you off http://ow.ly/10lRAG
  • An obscure #leadgeneration idea-reply to spam!! Obviously check them out first, but if they’re local why not reply to them??