It is technically still summer in the UK but as we can all see around us, Autumn is here. I have compiled what I consider to be some of the best SEO and digital marketing roundup. I hope some of the information  in the roundup will help you get your online marketing into gear, in time for Christmas sales. Retailer, especially supermarkets do not waste time getting their Christmas marketing started, some stores have started already.


Why Content Marketing’s Future Depends on Shorter Content and Less Content” by Ronell Smith on Moz blog. Long articles get higher social activity. Apparently people are more likely to share a post with good images and large word count. In the above article, Ronell explains why shorter content has a bright future in content marketing.

A recent study by Chartbeat, which looked at user behavior across 2 billion visits on the web, during the course of a month, found that 55% of visitors spent fewer than 15 seconds on a page. 15 seconds is incredibly short!


Google: Unnatural Widget Links Violate Webmaster Guidelines” by Matt Southern on Search Engine Journal. A new statement by Google webspam team says:

“Unnatural links are those that are built into a widget, and automatically placed on a site unbeknownst to the site owner. Often they contain keyword rich anchor text as well, and the worst part is site owners have no control over it.”  This kind of links will be counted as unnatural by Google henceforth.


5 ways ads are killing your site (& SEO)” by Kristine Schachinger on Search Engine Land. It is not a big secret that too many ads can be a bad thing for a website. This brilliant post explains how too many adverts on your website can kill it.  Apart from the SEO implication, looking at it from usability view point:  website visitors driven to your site trough organic search are looking for contents, not ads.


Don’t get duped by duplicate content: 8 quick checks for every SEO” by Stephanie LeVonne on Marketing Land. Duplicate content can hurt your site. Using these 8 quick checks you can be sure that your site does not host duplicate contents.

  1. HTTP and HTTPS URLs
  2. Sneaky scraper sites
  3. Long lost subdomains
  4. The “secret” staging environment
  5. Dynamically generated parameters
  6. Mirrored subdirectories
  7. Syndicated content
  8. Similar content


Link Building Strategies: The Complete List (2016 Edition)” by Joshua Hardwick on Theseoproject. It is very huge list, contains more than 180 strategies. It takes time to read but it is definitely worth it.

Here is a list of the first ten items:

  1. The Skyscraper Technique.
  2. Expert Roundups (group interviews)
  3. Guest Posting
  4. Broken Link Building
  5. Deep Broken Link Building
  6. Target Link Roundups
  7. Create Link Roundups
  8. The Moving Man Method
  9. Inverted Broken Link building
  10. The Content Gap Technique


21 WordPress Plugins for easy social media sharing” by Vinita on The Impulse Digital blog. I think it is not easy to find good social media sharing plugin for WordPress blog. Plugin that are not well coded can slow down a busy site with many social interactions.



What is Google RankBrain and why you should care?” by Alex Chris on Digital Marketing Pro blog. “RankBrain is the machine learning, artificial Intelligence system Google uses to process search results. It works in conjunction with Google’s current search algorithms for delivering better, faster and more complete results.”

In simple words, RankBrain is a system that tries to give a better meaning to search queries, understand the real ‘user intent’ and return the most appropriate results to the user.


The Most Expensive Keywords in UK – Infographic” by Igor Gorbenko on The infographic is divided into 5 most expensive niches:

  1. Business:
  • Best email marketing service for small business – $150.92
  • Business Electricity tariff – $135.44
  • Business electricity rate – $124.20
  • Commercial electricity – $120.28
  • Invoice factoring – $111.22
  1. Gambling
  • Online cas – $183.82
  • Live roulette – $183.19
  • Live casino – $174.42
  • Slots of vegas casino – $152.89
  • Live casino online – $146.22
  1. Insurance and compensation
  • Injury compensation claims – $152.34
  • Health insurance – $142.21
  • Accidents claim – $137.30
  • Compare health insurance online – $130.41
  • Bike accident claims – $124.66
  1. Trading
  • Binary options broker review – $191.93
  • Demo trade – $174.60
  • Spreadbetting offers – $168.62
  • Financial spread beats – $155.87
  • Free trading demo account – $149.82
  1. Internet technologies
  • Monitoring servers – $170.64
  • Top cloud service providers – $151.60
  • Best email marketing software for small business – $150.92
  • Cloud as a service – $142.76
  • Cloud management services – $142.28


How Google Penguin 4.0 Affects SEO” by Sean Si on SEO-hacker blog. The main fact about Penguin 4.0 is that now it is real-time. The way it work now is that poor quality link pointing to your site are disregarded instead of it counting against your site.


10 Buzz-Generating Social Media Tactics for Product Launches” by Nancy Grace on Mention blog.

  1. Research your audience
  2. Share teasers
  3. Start a blog
  4. Create branded hashtags
  5. Strike a chord
  6. Produce videos
  7. Find influencers
  8. Don’t reveal too much
  9. Hold contests
  10. Get to the point


That is all for this roundup, I hope you find some of the information useful. Comments and feedback on this and any of my SEO roundup is welcomed. Please add a comment below or contact me via this form or via my Twitter account.