Essential social media plugin for WordPress blogging

Essential social media plugin for WordPress blogging

Popular Social Media Plugins for WordPress Business Blogging

Making your content easy to share can drive additional traffic to your website from visitors who like your content and share it on their social media pages. For business bloggers who blog on the WordPress platform, here is a comprehensive list of WordPress plugins that can make your content very easy to share, thereby helping you attract more visitors.

JETPACK – Social Sharing Module

Simply known as JP sharing, JetPack, a social sharing module is a light, simple no-nonsense social sharing plugin. Once you have installed JetPack (or JP social share as a module on its own), enable the social sharing feature and all your posts will have the social share icon added automatically. Readers of your blog who want to share you content on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media platforms can simply click on their favourite social media platform and share your content easily. You can download JP social share here.

Social Fans

Apart from functionality, what sets Social Fans apart from other social media plugins is the quality of its graphics and the value its developers placed on look-and-feel. If your WordPress blog pages and posts looking good is important to you right down to the social media buttons and icons, then Social Fans is the right plugin for you. The layout and tags of Social Fans are extremely well organised. Aside from its good looks, the functionality is great too. In addition to supporting the big beat of social media such as Twitter, Facebook and G+, it supports over 20 other social media platforms. To find out more about Social Fans and download it, please visit this page.

Social Warfare

From Social Fans to Social Warfare. This inappropriately named social media plugin offer some flexibility that some of its competitors do not. It is highly customisable, making it possible for you to mould and shape it according to your needs. It also offers UTM tracking, making it possible for you to track specific link and posts. Social Warfare also provides a function that you are not likely to find in other social media plugins: it can help resize an image you are uploading, to the shape and size preferred by the social media platform you are uploading the image to. Another exciting and unique feature of this plugin is the function that shows you the most popular post on your blog. You can find out more information and download Social Warfare here.


One of the best features of Sossy is the fact that when working with this social media plugin, you just drag and drop. If you prefer dragging and dropping to clicking, this is the social media plugin for your blog. In addition to helping make sharing your contents easier, Sossy also allows you to create a social media counter for your site and it also offers a catching feature; it helps your blog to load faster. You can find out more information about Sossy and download it here.

WordPress Social Streams

This fantastic plugin is slightly different from all the other social media sharing plugins. Instead of posting content users want to share to a social media site, WordPress Social Streams actually posts Tweets or Instagram posts to your website. It does not just dump the entire contents on your site, it allows you to structure content based on hashtags and other criteria. If you want to populate part of your website with your social media posts, WordPress Social Streams is the plugin for you. One of the benefits of outputting some of your social media content to your site is the SEO benefit to your website. You can find out more about Social Streams and download it here.


This is probably one of the oldest social media sharing plugins on the Internet. It grants you the flexibility of placing your social share buttons as you choose, you can also choose to share information about how well your content is being shared with your visitors, or you can keep it private. Though this blog post is about WordPress plugins, you may be interested to know that AddThis is also available for websites created in HTML. To find more information about the AddThis WordPress plugin and to download it, please visit this page.

WordPress Social Board

This is another fantastic social media plugin for WordPress. It is not too dissimilar to Social Streams in that Social Board collect your Tweets and other social media posts and arranges them carefully on your website. At present its developers say it supports 17 social media platforms. It offers interesting customisation options which includes arranging your social media posts in a grid and you can change the style of your social board using a theme manager. To find out more information and download Social Board, please visit this page.


This is more a social media post scheduling plugin than a social share plugin. Blog2Social allows you to schedule your social media posts for a time in the future, which is not unlike the scheduling feature you already have in WordPress. Have said that, Blog2Social boasts some advanced features WordPress does not have such as scheduling posts with different profiles and posting to different social media networks. You can also customise your posts with loads of different criteria, which help your post appear even more professional. You can also schedule Blog2Social to re-publish old posts. You can find more information about Blog2Social and download it here.

Social Media Feather

This plugin was developed as an antidote to bloated social media sharing plugins, described as “super lightweight” by its developer, social media feather apparently allows you to add social sharing and follow buttons to your blog, with the effect of that being that all you blog post and pages will automatically have social sharing and follow widgets. You can find out more information about Social Media Feather and download it here.

Custom Twitter Feeds

This is probably one of the most popular social plugins, made specifically for Twitter. This custom Twitter feed plugin takes your tweets from your Twitter profile and posts them on to your website. This helps to populate your website with valuable content, which is crawled by search engines, giving your website a valuable SEO boost. You can find out more information about Twitter Feed and download it here.

The list of social media plugin for WordPress is exhaustible, but trying to list them all in one blog post is a herculean task that would take days to complete. We will try to add new social media sharing plugins to this page as we come across them, but for now it is more likely than not that one or two of the above plugins will meet your social sharing needs for your WordPress blog.
If you know of a particularly hot social media plugin for WordPress not listed on this page, please feel free to suggest it for inclusion by tweeting us or making contact via our contact Marcheshour page.