About #Marches Hour

What is #MarchesHour about?

A very warm welcome to the website of #MarchesHour. MarchesHour is a weekly 60 minute online networking event that takes place primarily on Twitter. It gives local businesses in the Marches area the opportunity to network with each other and potential customers. The first #MarchesHour takes place on Wednesday the 13th January 2016 between 1 and 2pm. Use the hashtag #MarchesHour in your tweets to participate.

#MarchesHour is young, but growing rapidly. We are looking to partner with small businesses, entrepreneurs and third sector organisations in Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Powys and other parts of the Welsh and English Marches. To enquire about partnership opportunities, please use the contact page on our website or send us a DM via twitter.

Why #MarchesHour?

Twitter is recognised by businesses large and small as an excellent platform for getting your message to your audience. The concept of #Hour is a very popular one on Twitter, with hundreds of #Hour tags taking place every week. #Hour tends to be based around a town or a city. The geography of some of the towns and villages in the Marches area meant that the nearest town centre is not always necessarily in the same county, for example people living in Garway area of Herefordshire, tend to travel to Monmouth more often than they do to Hereford, while Ludlow in Shropshire is closer to some people living in Leominster in Herefordshire.
It is hoped that #MarchesHour will provide a networking platform and opportunity to bring local people and local businesses in the region together.

Other twitter business networking #Hours in and around the Marches area

#KingtonHour Monday 4-5pm
@LudlowHour Thursdays 1pm.
#powyshour Mondays
#RossonWyeHour Tuesdays 8-9pm
#ShrewsburyHour Thursdays 8-9pm
#WorcestershireHour Mondays 8-9pm

Do you run a social media based business networking event in the Marches region? Let us know and we will add your event to the above list.

How to participate in #MarchesHour

Join #MarchesHour business networking free of charge by following @MarchesHour. For retweets, please use the hashtag #MarchesHour in your tweets on Wednesdays between 1-2pm. If you have important business announcement you want to share any other day of the week, you can still use #MarchesHour, we do retweets during the week as well.

Here is yet another way to participate in #MarcheHour
You can use a handy tweeter tool called like tweetchat.com . Here are the steps you need to take:
1. Go to http://tweetchat.com/
2. Enter a hashtag #MarchesHour and click GO
3. Accept connecting TweetChat with your Twitter account
4. Now you can tweet your messages and interact in #MarchesHour. The chat room is set to add #MarchesHour automatically to your tweets.