Welcome to the summer edition, of what is now becoming a monthly roundup of what I consider to be some of the best SEO and internet marketing article.  Without much ado, here are some of the most exciting and informative articles I came across during the month of June 2017.


7 Core Principles to Gain Abundant Social Media Leads” by Sam Hurley on digitalcurrent blog. According to the recent research, in France, Germany and UK only 44% of organizations are using social media to communicate with customers.


  • Principle #1: Be Super Sociable
  • Principle #2: Present Purpose
  • Principle #3: Promote Action
  • Principle #4: Radiate Relevance
  • Principle #5: Hone Your Helpfulness
  • Principle #6: Dramatically Differentiate
  • Principle #7: Transcend Trustworthiness



Google: We Can Ignore Links On Any Site Including Forbes & Entrepreneur” by Barry Schwartz on SERoundTable. Garry Illyes from Google said that his company is very good in identifying bad, unnatural links. So even if you got a link from such trusted sites as Forbes or Entrepreneur, it does not guarantee that Google will treat this link.




How to reduce the impact of images on your mobile site speed” by Andy Favell on Search Engine Watch. On mobile devices images could be one of the problem why your site load speed is not very good.

If your site loads very slowly on mobile probably images are the main culprit. According to the statistics – 68%/



Google: How to Create Better Meta Descriptions” by Matt Southern on Search Engine Journal.

“Good meta descriptions are short blurbs that describe accurately the content of the page. They are like a pitch that convince the user that the page is exactly what they’re looking for.”


As usual Google does not say anything special regarding this. Their main recommendation is to write meta description for the people and not for the robots. Since it could be displayed as site snippet, you need to pay attention to this meta tag.




Was There A Small Google Algorithms Update This Week?” by Barry Schwartz on SERoundTable. It seems that on 14th of June there was a small Google update. According to many threads on Webmaster World:

Is there any google update right now? i see our website jumping like kangaroo; no conversions since Tuesday; all totally dead again

I saw huge changes yesterday in the SERPs I monitor. I big brand that was nowhere to be seen on many local searches is now #1 to #3.



The Comprehensive List of What Needs to Be Above the Fold on Your Homepage” by Neil Patel on quicksprout blog. Were visitors look: 80% of their time above the fold and only 20% of their time below the fold. Contact info, logo, simple navigation etc. Call to actions must be well written too and be in the right position.



30+ Experts Reveal Best Marketing Channels to Drive Massive Traffic” by Bill on billwidmer blog. I like different roundups because after reading just one of them you can get a lot of new ideas from proven gurus.


This one is about marketing channels and driving traffic. Most people were talking about Google the rest about social media and email marketing.



5 rules of social media automation” by Alina Gorbatch on awario blog. Personal for me I’m using some social media automatic tools but only few of them, like posts scheduling. I think it is quite difficult to find a tool you really need. Hootsuite can do a lot but not everything.


Here are the rules from Alina:

  1. DON’T automate direct messages.
  2. DON’T automate interactions with your customers.
  3. DON’T automate RSS feeds.
  4. DO automate your posts schedule.
  5. DO automate social media analytics.



5 Magnetic Retention Concepts + 15 Tools You Can Use Today” by Sam Hurley on postfunnel blog.


Concept #1: Genius Gamification

Concept #2: Precise Personalization

Concept #3: Super Subscription Plans

Concept #4: Clever Content Marketing

Concept #5: Elite, Exclusive Products & Superior Service



162 Best Ecommerce Site Designs of 2017” by Tracey Wallace on bigcommerce blog. As you can see from the title of the article it is very big post. As a person who works as web-designer I can say that it is the highest quality list of sites.


Some ideas are very interesting and I’m sure other designers can use some of them in their work.


Thank you for reading. Please leave a comment below or contact me through this form or via my Twitter account. Your feedback is most welcomed.