Welcome to the spring edition, of what is now becoming a monthly roundup of what I consider to be some of the best SEO and internet marketing article.  Without much ado, here are some of the most exciting and informative articles I came across during the month of April 2017.


Do We Still Need to Disavow in the Era of Penguin 4.0?” by Marie Haynes on Moz blog. Six month ago Google released Penguin 4.0 and according to googlers this update not count bad, spam links at all. And it means your site will not be penalized, it just will not get any benefits from these links.

Marie still recommends to use Disavow file for:

  1. Manual actions
  2. Other Google algorithms that use links
  3. Still it is not very clear if Penguin is able to devaluate all spam


Small Google Algorithm Update On April 4th?” by Barry Schwartz on SeRoundTable. Some people on Webmaster World forum was talking that on April 4th Google made some changes to their algorithm.

SEOs says that their sites went down for some important keywords.

I see big updates on rankings yesterday

There are a lot of serps with two results of the same domain, even three results of same domain.

Impressions and clicks data in Google Search Console changes the same day, April 3, an upward trend in desktop version, and downwards trend in mobile version (in my case)


6 Ways You Can Use Social Listening Now” by Danny Goodwin on Search Engine Journal. Here are 6 ways social media listening benefits businesses today:

  1. Improve Products & Services
  2. Attract New Customers
  3. Provide & Improve Customer Service
  4. Monitoring Content Performance
  5. Recruiting & Hiring
  6. Monitor Your Competition


5 easy ways to launch a local email marketing strategy” by Amanda DiSilvestro on Search Engine Watch.

  1. Make sure your offers are tailored to your customers so they can actually use them
  2. Add a personal touch to email campaigns, and reach out in person whenever possible
  3. Integrate social media to spread the word
  4. Use a subject line that relates to the local area
  5. Segment your list by language and region for more targeted marketing


How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Platform for SEO (March 2017)” by Danny Richman on ecommerce-platforms blog. This is very detail post where Danny compared the following platforms:

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Volusion
  • 3DCart
  • GoDaddy
  • Weebly
  • Wix
  • MoonFruit
  • 1&1
  • Big Cartel
  • Presta Shop
  • ZenCart
  • osCommerce


Smashing Semantic SEO in 2017 & Beyond: The Ultimate Guide” by Sam Hurley on digitalcurrent.

Tactic #1: Craft Killer Contextual Content

Tactic #2: Master Google’s Knowledge Graph

Tactic #3: Supercharge Your Brand Presence


11 Reasons Your Content Marketing Strategy Is Bleeding Money (And How To Stop It)” by Ross Simmons on his own blog. Here are the reasons:

  1. You’re Not REALLY Tracking Your Efforts
  2. You’re Not Collaborating With Other Brands
  3. You’re Still Sending Paid Traffic To A Generic Homepage
  4. You’re Not Adding Gas To Your Distribution Fire
  5. You’re Avoiding Content Experimentation
  6. You’re Not Repurposing Your Content Into New Formats
  7. You Think Paid Media Is Dead (Tip: It’s Not!)
  8. You Think Being Cheap Is A GOOD Thing
  9. You’re Not Embracing Macro & Micro Research
  10. Your UX Has More Going On Than A GeoCities Page
  11. You’re Running Tests With No REAL Reason


Technical SEO: 3 Embarrassing Errors You Need to Check Right Now!” by Sam Hurley on Digital Current.

  • Error #1: Unleashing the Single-Line Code of Doom
  • Error #2: Losing Control of Your URL Parameters
  • Error #3: Displaying Multiple Versions of Your Website


7 Principles to Creating Great Infographics” by Nadya Khoja on Content Marketing Institute. Infographics are very popular nowadays. Many webmasters use them as link building technique.

  1. Solve a burning problem
  2. Challenge the status quo
  3. Change the perspective
  4. Find origin stories
  5. Find extreme cases
  6. Go outside your immediate field
  7. Mash up two or more topics


How to Create the Perfect Thank You Page: An Epic Guide” by Cody Slingerland on Get Response blog. You can use a thank you page for:

  • When you selling something
  • When you subscribe to some services
  • When you do some donation
  • Etc

Your thank you page must be as simple as possible. Minimum words, very simple design. Something like “Thank You” or “Order Confirmed” will be great.


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