2nd Marches Hour - January 20th 2016

2nd Marches Hour – January 20th 2016

Quick #MarchesHour blog update. It was great to facilitate the second #MarchesHour today. We managed to increase Marches Hour’s reach over our maiden chat by just over 30,000 impressions. It was not much, but the team and I are quite delighted by the increase, we look forward to another modest increase next week. We have a theme for next week’s chat: #sustainability.

We are very grateful to all the participants of today’s #MarchesHour, especially to @ShropGirlFriday for her fantastic suggestion that we should consider a #MarchesHour tweet-up meeting. The saying that “great minds think alike” is one that summed up Debbie’s suggestion. We will consider a live face-to-face tweet up for #MarchesHour businesses later in the year when our reach is significant.
Because of you great suggestion, Debbie, guess who #MarchesHour’s new favourite webservices company is? Your company of course www.girlfridaywebservices.co.uk . We look forward to seeing you at future #MarchesHour chats.

#MarchesHour in Google

#MarchesHour impression on Google SERP 20th Jan 2016

#MarchesHour impression on Google SERP 20th Jan 2016

When you have a new project like Marches Hour, you examine and watch if for signs that you are on the right track. I did a quick search on Google immediately after the #MarchesHour of 20th January 2016, I was pleased to see that #MarchesHour ranks very highly in Google as indicated in the attached graphic.