Jon Tromans - SEO Trainer

Jon Tromans – SEO Trainer

About twenty of us were fortunate to hear Jon Tromans give a talk on search engine optimisation (SEO) at the very first #Marcheshour at Rocket Café recently. Because of the limited time, he was not able to give us more than 5 SEO tips. #Marcheshour has secured a pair of free tickets to Jon’s search engine optimisation training and web writing course. The training course is taking place in Holmer Road, Hereford on the 6th of July.

To apply for one of the two SEO trainning course ticket, please contact Marcheshour via our Twitter page.

<h2>Details of the SEO training in Hereford follows</h2>

Understanding What Modern SEO Means
A look at how search engines are evolving and discover what they want from your website. We’ll talk about what the phrase SEO means to the modern web.
Search Engine Optimisation Basic Training
Learn the basics of SEO. What are titles and tags and what do you put in them?
Keywords & Phrases
We’ll look at how the attitude towards keywords/phrases has changed and you’ll learn how to do your own research to find out what people are searching for.
Writing Search Engine Friendly Content
Find out how to create search and user friendly content for your website. Learn how to write for the web.

Local SEO
If you run a local business you’ll discover lots of techniques on how to optimise your website for your location.
Advanced SEO Techniques
You won’t need to know how to code but you do need to be aware of various advanced opportunities so you can get your web developers to improve your website for search.
Links & Link Building
We’ll tackle the topic of links and learn what they really mean and how they can effect your rankings. Discover how to check your back links and find out what your competitors are up to.
Using Google’s Search Console
Google offers a free tool that tells you what it thinks about your website. We’ll look at the main features of the console and learn how to spot problems or issues.