Live Tweeting with Jon Tromans on #MarchesHour

Live Tweeting with Jon Tromans on #MarchesHour

MarchesHour Weds 16th of March – Questions you have always wanted to ask about Social Media

We are very lucky to have social media expert, Jon Tromans on #MarchedHour on Wednesdays the 16th of March 2016. Jon will be fielding questions big and small, on various aspects of Social Media strategies for small businesses.
With more than 18 years experience in digital marketing, Jon Tromans has worked with companies from a one-man band to enterprise level organisations. During #MarchesHour you can ask him those burning Social Media questions you have been dying to ask an expert, FREE of charge! If you get your question formulated in advance, you can just post it to #MarchesHour on the day. You can find prompts for questions SMEs tend to ask about Social Media strategy below.

Prompts for questions you may want to ask Jon Tromans

  • How do I create the right social media strategy for my small business?
  • What is the best way to respond to a sales enquiry on social media ?
  • How do I respond to negative comments about my business on social media.
  • How can I convert enquiries to sales on social media?
  • Should I have a presence on all social media platforms?
  • I have set up a Twitter page but no one is following me!
  • I have a Facebook page for my business but I am not getting Likes
  • My competition is getting more business from social media pages than me
  • Our IT Director said social media is a waste of time!
  • How can I manage my time effectively on each social media platform?
  • Is there any point to having a presence on Google+?
  • What kind of posts are people more likely to share?
  • What is the best image size on most social media site?
  • What is the use of FB call-to-action button?
  • What is Twitter lists and how do I create one?
  • Is there any point to using hashtags on Facebook?

If you are not able to get all your questions answered on #MarchesHour, you can find out more information about Jon Tromans and his Social Media services for small businesses at his website