As much as many of us love Twitter and love the 140-character restriction, sometime it is just too restrictive. The 140-character restriction, which some described as beautiful constraint can be a real pain sometime, especially when you want to attach a picture to a tweet and add a link. Well, the good news is that it seems this will now be a thing of the past in the next two weeks. It was not announced by Twitter itself, but a report by Bloomberg quoted a reliable Twitter sources as saying that the 140-character limit is about to get a boost as Twitter stops counting links and pictures as part of the 140 characters.

Twitter, how 140 characters is currently counted

At the moment when you tweet, links currently take up to 23 characters of a tweet, reducing the space available to users for their own writing when sharing other online content.

The origin of the 140-character limit impose by the microblogging site was in mobile telephone: 140 characters was the maximum a text message could be back in 2006, when Twitter was launched. The emergence of smartphones saw the 140-character limit in text messages expanded.
Though many people love the fact that the 140-character limit inspires creativity and brevity, it seems to be making tweeter lose ground to other social media platforms. Twitter has struggled to attract new users and has seen its share price decline by more than 70% over the past year.

Twitter increased the number of characters allowed for direct messages to 10,000 characters in June 2015.