Dot UK domain name extension

Dot UK domain name extension – best for UK start ups

.UK domain name extension can put your start-up business on a digital marketing success

Mapping out a digital marketing strategy, is one of the key decisions that needs to be made at the beginning of a business start-up plan. One of the corner stone of a digital marketing plans is the domain name extension a business or an organisation chooses to use for its Internet presence.

We have all heard of iconic businesses and organisation defined by their domain name. Some examples include Leave.EU in the recent European referendum campaign.; one of the most iconic domain names/businesses at the beginning of the dot com boom. Choosing the right domain name and domain name extension, will not only give you a great presence online, it could well decide whether your brand succeed, how many people click on a link to your website.

Dot UK domain name extension could give you over 70% more clicks

Though a .com domain name is probably the most “sexy” domain name extension out there. The fact is that, the .com domain name space is a very crowded space. It may also not be the best domain name extension for a UK business.
A recent research conducted by Nominet, the organisation responsible for the .uk domain name space shows that a website ending in .uk command more trust among consumers, than other domain extensions. With several different domain name extension options available in the .UK space, there is flexibility with the extension your organisation can choose from.

Some of the most popular domain name extension in the .UK name space include, and the newest and my personal favourite .uk, which is the extension I choose to host my personal website .
Nominet recently published information, and are running adverts arguing the reasons why .UK domain name extension is the best domain name for a UK start-up. The promo video is posted below.

Here are some facts and information about the.UK domain name extension

Dot UK Domain Name Family

Dot UK Domain Name Family

Some facts and information about .UK domain names

• 70%2 of people would rather buy from a website ending in .UK.
• Every 5 seconds a start-up business, an organisation or an individual register a domain name ending in .UK.
• The three most popular .UK domain name extensions are:, usually registered companies. usually registered by charities and not-for-profit organisations and usually registered for persona use.
• There is no restriction on which .uk domain name extension you can register for your business. Which means, an individual can register a, .org or even .UK.
• 76% of adults bought goods or services online.

What to consider when choosing a domain name extension for your start-up
So you have your brand name, your marketing strategy including digital marketing strategy sorted. it’s time to decide on the domain name extensions to register. Assuming the information in Nominet .UK promotional video is a fact. It is then a given that the best domain name extension worth registering for a UK business or organisation is a .UK.  Here are other factors to consider when thinking of a domain name to register for your brand.

Domain name registration dos and don’ts

– Avoid hyphenated domain name if you can. For example, instead of
– The shorter your domain name, the better. For example, is much shorter and snappier than
– Having your business name in your domain name, can enhance your brand and make your business easy to find online.
– If you have a very strong brand, consider registering .com extension as well as .UK extension of your brand name, to foil cybersquatters.